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With corporate fraud, regulatory oversight and government enforcement increasing in frequency and complexity, businesses - and their executives - face mounting risks.

Legal advisers need to be able to draw on a wealth of experience in navigating and resolving these challenging situations, particularly with the increased reach of anti-corruption regimes such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and UK Bribery Act combined with increased enforcement activity in local regions.

A&M's Global Forensic and Dispute Services practice works alongside counsel and in-house investigators to bring a hands-on approach to helping clients around the globe navigate complex investigations. Our forensic accounting team is adept at performing incisive analysis; asking difficult questions of financial results; and getting behind perceived truths to provide businesses and their legal advisers with an in-depth picture of financial reality and complex financial transactions. Our forensic technology team preserves and collects potentially relevant data for review and analysis whilst taking into account myriad data privacy issues around the globe. Our technologists reduce the eyes-on review of non-relevant information; mine financial and operational data for relevant trends and facts; and perform risk analysis of data breaches to provide counsel and clients with a full view of the digital landscape.

A&M brings a proven track record of experience and reputation for providing on-time, cost efficient and exceptional client service. We have assisted legal advisers on their clients' responses to investigations and inquiries initiated by or involving regulatory and law enforcement bodies, whistleblower allegations, suspected FCPA or UK Bribery Act violations, regulatory and risk compliance reviews, securities law violations, as well as suspected misappropriation of assets or manipulation of financial information.

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FTI Consulting is a global business advisory firm with more than 4,200 employees located in 26 countries. Our professionals work closely with leading financial institutions, government agencies, law firms, multinational corporations and private equity firms to deliver effective results through our market-leading business segments comprising:

• Forensic & Litigation Consulting: Independent dispute advisory, forensic accounting, investigative and risk mitigation services.
• Corporate Finance/Restructuring: Strategic and technical support in turnaround and restructuring, transaction advisory services and corporate recovery.
• Economic Consulting: Analysis of complex economic and financial issues to assist clients with legal and regulatory proceedings and strategic decision-making.
• Strategic Communications: Communications counsel that helps organisations protect and enhance their corporate brand, reputation and valuation.
• Technology: Proprietary search and review (e-Discovery) services for clients faced with internal investigations or large-scale litigation. 

The Global Risk and Investigations Practice (GRIP) of FTI Consulting is the leading provider of comprehensive business risk solutions including reputational due diligence and other business intelligence, fraud and corporate investigations, brand protection, the strategic management of intellectual property and crisis containment services in Asia Pacific.

Whether the task is to determine the reputation and suitability of a business partner, untangle a complex fraud scheme, investigate allegations of bribery or contain a business crisis, the aim of FTI Consulting is to provide our clients with critical information, insight and timely solutions for informed decision-making.
The team of seasoned professionals in Asia Pacific are drawn from backgrounds in senior law enforcement, intelligence, academic and economic research and investigative journalism.