Day 1
09:15 The Latest Policy of General Aviation Industry Development in China and Its Impact
09:45 Air Traffic Management in General Aviation: Current Situation and Future Trends, Latest regulations, implementation details and future trends
10:45 The Fiscal Policy for the Development of General Aviation Industry in China
11:15 Panel Discussion: The featured industrial policies to promote the General Aviation Development in China
13:30 How Will China Develop General Aviation Airport During The 12th Five-Year Plan
14:15 Case Study from A Local Operator: General Aviation Airport Construction in China
15:00 Towards Next Generation ATM: Current Situation and Development
16:05 Overview of Aviation Fuel Supply in General Aviation Market
16:50 Airport Design: Meet the Challenge of Integrated Transportation System

Day 2
09:15 The Latest Situation and Development of Business Aviation Operation in China
09:55 Best Practices for Business Aviation Safety: Focusing on the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations – IS-BAO Jim Cannon
10:50 Case Study: How to Support Business Aviation in China – FBO’s Role in the Development of Business Aviation Industry
11:30 Panel Discussion: Operational efficiency and safety issues: best practices from leading players
13:30 Talent Recruiting and Training
14:15 Helicopter Operations in China and Its Development
15:30 Financial Leasing – A Cost Effective Way to Get a Private Aircraft
16:15 The Opportunities Hidden in The Development of General Aviation in China: Best practices of investment in General aviation industry